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[FREE] 12 fl oz Metal Water Bottle

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This used to hold spring water!
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Use this free container for your refills! We sanitize all containers. All metal bottles are washed with dish soap, rinsed with hot water, and then dunked in boiling hot water.

Volume Capacity: 12 fl oz

12 fluid ounces DOES NOT EQUAL 12 ounces! For each refill product, use the bottle size calculator to estimate the bottle size and capacity you will need for your refills.

  • [fl oz] is a unit of measure for volume.
  • [oz] is a unit of measure for weight. We sell refills per oz and not fl oz.


  • Bottle: Metal
  • Cap: Metal

End of Life

  • Bottle: 100% in metal recycling
  • Cap: 100% in metal recycling