Who We Are

The Daisy Refillery Mission Statement

Not just a business but a community

The Daisy Refillery is more than just a small business: It is a community that brings together people who want to nurture and protect our beautiful planet. Together we can collectively create a greener and cleaner earth for all to live on.

Earth-Friendly Products

Our product line consists of amazing personal care and household products that are made with ingredients and materials that do not harm our beautiful earth!

Ethical Companies

We work to ensure that all companies we work with do not use any single-use plastic packaging (if any packaging), promote sustainability and implement ethical practices.

A Sustainable Future

We hope this company will be one of many to create a market for sustainable goods and also influence other companies to adopt sustainable business plans and practices.

Not just a movement but a way of life

Growing up in my household, learning how to reduce was just a way of life. There was no talk of "no waste" or "low waste," and there was definitely no such thing as the "zero waste movement." For my family, our habits to reduce simply stemmed from the need to save money.

Since I was a child, I was taught to turn off the water between soaping and rinsing during a shower. Whether I am washing dishes or brushing my teeth, the sink water should never be left running continuously if not directly in use. Junk mail was used as scratch paper for math homework and brainstorming. Unless it was raining continuously for several days, laundry would always be hung outside to dry. The list goes on and on! For me, these habits form the core of how I define sustainability.

With that said, I understand that zero-waste is currently unrealistic for many individuals and in many homes, if not completely unrealistic for all in this point in time. I myself do not live a "zero-waste" life, but I do strive to make as sustainable a decision as possible.

Regardless of one’s definition of sustainability or one’s lifestyle, I believe that if we all start making changes together, no matter how small or large and no matter how few or great in number, then we can collectively create a greener and cleaner earth for all to live on. Whether you shop at The Daisy Refillery or not, I hope we can inspire you to think more consciously about some of your habits and how they may affect the beautiful world we share.

~ KC (Owner and Manager of The Daisy Refillery)