Sanitizing Your Containers

You can choose to use your own containers or purchase containers from our mobile van to be refilled with our refillable bulk items. If you choose to use your own containers AND you are not topping off, please make sure you sanitize each container properly.
While we do encourage refilling all types of containers, please note that glass containers and polypropylene (#5 plastics) are best as both are easy to sanitize. Glass is not porous, and polypropylene is the sturdiest of plastics, so both can be cleaned at high temperatures.

How to Sanitize Containers

  • Remove all residue from the container with hot water and soap OR run the container through a dishwasher after removing all product residue.
  • Glass containers can be sanitized by placing them in boiling water for 5 minutes. *This is recommended especially if refilling leave-on skincare and face products.*
  • For plastics, we recommend a final rinse of a solution with 60% alcohol, which will help evaporate any excess water remaining.
  • Be sure your containers are completely dry before using them to be refilled.

How to Clean Tops and Pumps

  • Remove all residue from inside and outside the pumps and tops.
  • Rinse with a solution with 60% alcohol. For pumps, flush all product by pumping hot soap and water through until all product residue is gone. Then pump the 60% alcohol solution through for at least 10 pumps.
  • Be sure tops and pumps are also completely dry before using them to be refilled.
If you plan on refilling a container with the same product or topping off, we still recommend cleaning the container at least once a year to preserve the life of the product.