The Refill Process


1) Prior to refilling on your selected refill product, tare (or weigh) each empty container with its lid/pump to get its tare weight. Write down your tare weight. If a grease pencil is available, feel free to write the tare weight on the container for easy wipe-off afterwards.

If you are topping off, you can weigh the container without emptying it.

On the scale, the empty bottle's tare weight is 8.88 oz.


2) Refill your container with your selected refill product!

If you are worried about the cost of the refill, feel free to check the weight of the product in between pumps/scoops.

The container is filled with a product that costs $0.51/oz.


3) Once filled to the desired level, weigh the container once again and subtract the container’s tare weight so you are only paying for what is filled.

If the order was made online for a local delivery, each container will be filled up to the specified number of weighted ounces.

22.3oz - 8.88oz = 13.42oz. At $0.51/oz, the final cost is $6.84.