Schedule a House Call

Do you want to set up a refill session for your family or your residential block? Perhaps you are a business that wants to set up a refill session for your employees? Or maybe you just want to refill your bottles in person? Use the message form below to request a date and time for your house call event!
Pricing based on length of the event
  • 2 hours or less: $40/hour (or $20.00 for every 30 minutes)
  • Greater than 2 hours: $35/hour (or $17.50 for every 30 minutes)
Requirements for House Call
  • Scheduled house call must be at least an hour long.
  • You must reserve event times in 30 minute increments.
  • A 10' x 10' space is required to put up our tent.
  • A minimum of 1.5 hours time prior to the house call's scheduled time to set-up and unload.
  • A minimum of 1.5 hours time after the house call's scheduled time to break-down and load.
*Note that set-up and break-down times are free.
Please allow at least 48 hours for us to respond to you. If the date and time you requested is available, then we will go ahead and send you an order form to fill out in order to pay and complete your reservation. Otherwise, we will contact you to let you know the date is no longer available.
Example: 123-456-7890
In the message box below, be sure to indicate the date and time period for which you want to hold the event, along with any other notes and questions you may have. If no date and time period is indicated, then it may take longer to schedule your event.