Sugar Cane Apparel

Cotton Bowl Cover - Small

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Perfect for dough rising, keeping salads crisp, and keeping insects away!

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This cotton bowl cover is sewn by Stacey from our local small business Sugar Cane Apparel! Instead of scrapping leftover fabric, the fabric was reused to make these beautiful bowl covers!

These unwaxed bowl covers are perfect for rising dough, wetting and covering salads to keep them crisp, covering snacks, and keeping insects away!

Diameter: 8 inches

Replacement For

  • Plastic Wrap
  • Foil

Care Instructions

When dirty, hand wash bowl cover with food-safe dish detergent. Hang dry between uses.


  • Cotton Fabric
  • Elastic Band - Polyester Fabric + Fiber Rubber


  • Raffia Tie
  • Paper Tag

End of Life

  • Raffia Tie - 100% Compost
  • Paper Tag - 100% Recyclable in Paper Recycling
  • Cotton Fabric- 100% Compostable
  • Elastic Band - Trash