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Jojoba oil is an excellent natural addition to your skin care and hair care!

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This "oil" is in fact a waxy ester that is derived from the oil-rich seeds of the Jojoba bush, a desert plant that grows in the American Southwest and in Northern Mexico. It has a long tradition as a folk remedy with the Native Americans and Mexicans, who have used this oil for eczema, hair care and all kinds of skin types. It was commercially discovered in the '70s as a product that could not only replace the Sperm Whale Oil (so that the whale would not have to be hunted), but that proved actually superior in performance.

It is smooth and non-greasy, and a popular carrier oil. Its chemical composition is closest to sebum - human's natural skin oil. In fact, it does the same for the human skin that it does for its mother plant: sealing in moisture during day time heat to prevent dehydration, while protecting and sheltering against the adverse night time conditions of the desert.

Jojoba Oil is a wonderful emollient, and it is very regenerative, restructuring and toning. Its balancing and soothing properties make it excellent for skin care, hair care and general skin nourishment for all skin types. Due to its chemical closeness to human sebum, it can support the natural balance of the skin by forming a non-greasy film that holds moisture in while controlling the flow of sebum. It is naturally supporting the natural acid mantle of the skin, which is very important as a barrier against harmful bacteria. It won't clog pores, and its regulating action is frequently helpful with acne. To top it off, Jojoba is also rich in Vitamin E, proteins and minerals, and has a 100 year shelf life!


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