Plastic-Free Scrunchies - Blush Walnut

Please note that we no longer sell this product, but we want to make sure you still had access to the product's information.

Tired of your hair tie creasing your hair? Swap to crease-free scrunchies!

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KOOSHOO Plastic-free Scrunchies are truly a modern version of a classic idea. As well as being made of the softest and most gentle organic cotton, they contain no plastic and are the first 100% Fairtrade and zero-waste Scrunchies in the world - a distinction that sets them apart from so many other hair accessory brands out there.

The shade range is vast, from the brightest statements to gorgeous muted tones, and always evolving with the seasons. They do not go unnoticed in hair or on wrists, which makes for fun display possibilities.

KOOSHOO’s transparent supply chain and commitment to ethical and fair pay manufacturing have proven to be big draws for shoppers who want to spend their dollars on products made by companies who are making positive changes.

Key Values

• World’s First 100% Fairtrade Plastic-Free Scrunchies
• Organic
• Biodegradable
• Wide range of shades to go with literally everything
• Designed to last in your hair, but not in a landfill
• Gentle on hair
• Unisex
• Fits most wrists
• Washable, reusable
• Eco-friendly
• Vegan
• Comfy

Replacement For

Hair Ties and Hair Bands with Plastic

Care Instructions

KOOSHOO products are created in a way that makes them durable, strong and high performance, but they’re still plant-based materials, which means they will wear down (just as intended) - but proper care can extend their life. To maximize longevity, avoid storing them in direct sunlight, stretching them while wet, or letting oils and hair products linger on them.

Wash your KOOSHOO Scrunchies with like colors in cold water and lay flat to dry. Good as new.


  • Certified Sustainably Sourced Organic Cotton
  • FSC Natural Tree Rubber Certified by Fair Rubber Association
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Non-Toxic Fabric Dye


  • Paperboard

End of Life

  • Paperboard: 100% in Paper Recycling
  • Hair Tie: 100% Biodegradable and Compostable