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Please note that we no longer sell this product, but we want to make sure you still had access to the product's information.

Made of 100% vegetable cellulose (wood pulp), these kitchen sponges feel and function like traditional sponges but are completely plant-based, plastic-free and compostable!
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  • Durable: Safe to use on non-stick cookware, glassware, copper and stainless steel, and much more!
  • Non-Scratch: Natural cellulose sponges create generous foam and later, so they are powerful enough to cut through grease and grime, while gently cleaning fine china and glasses.
  • 100% Compostable and Biodegradable: Made from 100% biodegradable plant-based cellulose, this sponge is safe for your home and our planet.
  • Quick-drying: Vegetable cellulose fiber is naturally durable and breathable, allowing the sponge to air dry quickly without the nasty smells.
  • Multi-Purpose: From washing your dishes and utensils to cleaning your kitchen countertops and sinks, these sponges will meet your daily needs!

Replacement For

  • Plastic Sponges

How to Use

  1. Soak sponge in water and wait for it to expand.
  2. Use as you would a normal sponge.
  3. Rinse with water, and dry between uses.

Care Instructions

  • Ideally, dry completely between uses.
  • Boil the sponge in water to kill bacteria.
  • Avoid soaking in water.
  • Place away from high heat and flames.


  • 100% Vegetable Cellulose (Wood Pulp)


  • Package Free!!!

End of Life

  • Cut the sponge into small pieces and compost with industrial composting or home composting system.