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Casa Agave™ Woven Soap Bag - Exfoliating Scrubber

Please note that we no longer sell this product, but we want to make sure you still had access to the product's information.

No more slippery soap bars! This soap bag is great to use to exfoliate your skin all while holding your soap bar and tiny soap scraps!

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Made from agave, a plant native to the Southern Americas, this medium-soft fiber woven bag is suitable for daily exfoliation of the body!

Net Weight: 0.45 oz

Replacement For

  • Plastic exfoliating cloth

How to Use

  1. Place soap bar or soap scraps in the bag, wet the bag and scrub the body with the bag in the shower.
  2. When finished scrubbing, remove the soap and rinse the bag lightly.
  3. Hang to dry where it will dry fully between uses.

Care Instructions

As it's a natural material, agave needs to remain dry between uses to extend its life. Replace every 2-4 months or sanitize frequently by emptying the bag, washing in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher, or dipping in vinegar or boiling water.


  • Agave


  • Package Free!!!

End of Life

  • Soap Bag: Cut up into smaller pieces and place in home compost or compost through industrial composting system